Junk Food Facts

You are hammered constantly and you will not let go any time soon: pay a little more attention to what you eat! More and more sweet dishes, more and more salty, more and more with horrible ingredients. Junk Food Facts reigns supreme over our food. And do not forget that in “junk food”, as the name suggests, there is “bad”! For your health, and your curiosity, we have listed the ten worst foods for junk food. Enjoy your meal !

Junk Food Facts

To feed oneself abundantly with junkfood irremediably night to the line but, especially, to the health. Of course, you have to put things into perspective – eat fastfood once in a while when you have a healthy lifestyle – nobody has ever killed – but we prefer to prevent it than to cure it. Prepared dishes, frozen pizzas or even tempting cereals, the food cooked in an industrial way brings (to the general surprise) nothing good.

Junk Food Facts Junk Food Facts Junk Food Facts

It does not contain (enough) minerals, vitamins or fibers, and yet brings a feeling of satiety, due to the presence of sugars of all kinds. Our body assimilates all this in two or three movements, and asks to be fed soon after. Carbohydrates call carbohydrates and … quickly turn into fats. Do you see the blackboard ?

The worst junk food in 10 foods

The main problem of junk food: its components. Recent example with nuggets, which actually contain chicken (although …) crushed; namely a mixture of bones, flesh and tendons. Not to mention the breadcrumbs that coat the nugget and the oil in which it is cooked. Yum ! We continue ? Overview of the 10 worst foods of junk food …

Prepared dishes

Entirely cooked in an industrial way, the prepared dishes do not bring the necessary nutrients to our food such as vitamins and minerals. In short, real junk food concentrates! Worse, they are regularly the subject of health scandals that push us – quite rightly – to doubt the veracity of their composition. Additives and preservatives are added to already low quality ingredients.

Among the ingredients to be tracked on labels, three major families of additives deemed dangerous to health: added sugars, trans fatty acids and sodium glutamates (also indicated GMS or MSG) .The additives begin with an E, to start with artificial dyes, are very often to proscribe (find their list here). Sometimes they are indicated by their name so as not to scare the consumer. The consequences: diabetes, obesity, premature aging, heart problems, nervous … We continue?

The worst junk food in 10 foods The worst junk food in 10 foods The worst junk food in 10 foods

The nuggets
Yes it’s good. Yes, kids love it. Yes, it feels like eating chicken, lean meat, and so avoid other options even worse than the fast food menu. And yet … The nuggets consist mainly of chicken leftovers (and again, for half of their composition) that are crushed to form a kind of dough. Already, the postulate should be self-sufficient.

But to this, is added a cooking in an oil used and reused again and again, and poor quality (and it is known that in the fat is concentrated pesticides, especially in industrial oils). To top it off, the reconstituted pieces of chicken are wrapped in breadcrumbs that have nothing to do with the crumbs of a good bread. To avoid this junk food, and if you made them yourself organic farm chicken your nuggets?

Industrial pizzas
If homemade pizzas are not on the blacklist of nutritionists, on the contrary, industrial pizzas, they can congratulate themselves to get a place among the worst food side junk food. Enhanced with added sugars (in the dough, in the pseudo tomato sauce), palm oil and salt, they do not shine by their natural side. Low-season ham (usually a glutamate-doped shoulder), vegetables that have never known a single dust of earth … Even cheese is often replaced by a “cheese” without milk, made using of the ACH Optimum man. Yum.

Children’s cereals

We give them naively to our children every morning when, sadly, children’s cereals are mainly composed of (bad) sugars, GMO cereals and dyes. Yes yes, cereals made to “give energy all morning” are actually junk food petals.

Even if, on the side of the box, you are promised mountains and wonders with the guarantee of a sufficient nutrient intake contained in a bowl, you should know that it is often the milk served with the said cereals that brings these essential nutrients. And especially not the cereals of all the colors with the taste of “fruits”! And if one learned again to like the butter and the jam on a slice of bread artisanal?

Fast food sauces
Few still order their fries without sauce during an express visit to a fast food restaurant. Leave to eat a soft burger and dry fries, as much go free and go straight on … good chemical mayonnaise or industrial mustard. Not to mention the American mixtures of all kinds, or the bad vinaigrettes, none escapes our junk food radar. Filled with sugar, emulsified, stuffed with palm oil, the fastfoods’ sauces make us, in the end, more harm than good. Only ketchup, to the surprise, escapes our ranking. Surprisingly “healthy”, it contains a priori more tomato than sugar. A good start.

The worst junk food in 10 foods The worst junk food in 10 foods The worst junk food in 10 foods (2)

The kebab
The kebab, this Middle Eastern sandwich, is traditionally made from mutton or lamb, tomatoes, salad and a white herb sauce, all in a pita bread. If we could guarantee a meat quality and not too fat, a simple homemade sauce with tomatoes and salad fresh in generous quantities, the kebab would surely not appear in this ranking special junk food and junkfood.

Moreover, some have understood and throw in Paris kebabs quali whose bobos are crazy.However, kebabs are most often made of various meats and varied, dubious origins, poor quality and very fat. The sandwich can total 1000 calories, a real lipid bomb for the body.

Do not play the surprised you see, donuts (or donuts) may well evoke your stay in the United States and similar to a madeleine Proust Made in USA, they are nonetheless still donuts! With their 100% industrial toppings, they deserve their title among the 10 worst junk foods. Filled with hydrogenated trans fats and sugar too refined, they delight gourmands Junk Food Facts … but less their body.With a donut, it is not only 450 calories ingested, but also a scary glycemic index, a rate of bad fats ruffling and so few valuable nutrients.