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  • RJMS Episode 23: We Are All Royals Today

    Hashtag Productions brings you this week’s episode of The RJ Moeller Show (feat/Eric Teetsel)… After a long break, the boys are back to discuss the exciting MLB Playoffs, the worst airlines to fly, and Teetsel’s recommendation for the best BBQ in Kansas City. You can listen on the player below, or subscribe (for free) on iTunes! Follow […]

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  • Anne Frank Goes Arabic

    The Diary of Anne Frank is a story that will soon be told in a completely new light. Croation director and filmmaker Jakov Sedlar has re-created the narrative in Arabic, using young Palestinian girls to portray Anne Frank and scenes from her diary, including shots of ordinary Palestinian kids in classrooms talking about everyday things. […]

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    Today, James avoids talking about Israel and the new ISIS Caliphate, and instead talks about why the heck Republicans decided to hold their convention in Ohio and what the Elephants can do to win, and the American Dream. James also loves America.

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